Yoga for Kids

wp-1457895052140.jpg I wanted to share this great book I bought yesterday.  I’ve been trying to teach my oldest son calming techniques, as he seems to become very emotional very quickly so he’s past the point of being able to “check” himself.  We’ve been working on yoga, meditation, and taking “lion breaths”.  He’s enjoyed the yoga moves up to this point, but as I am not an experienced yogi, our “sequences” have been pretty broken and disorganized.  We’ve done five lion breaths at the end of each session to practice meditation, but overall, he’s so silly during the exercises and meditation that it hasn’t really resulted in much calming.

When I saw this at Barnes and Noble I knew I had to buy it.  The pictures are beautiful, the sequence is simple, and the fact that it’s a bedtime story makes the yoga all the more appealing.  Daniel wanted to do it twice last night, and the first thing he asked for this morning was to do yoga.  We even successfully did three sets of five lion breaths last night.



My Little Yo-Guy Doing the Tree Pose

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