Week 1: Infant Activities

My homeschooling is really focused on Daniel, but I’m planning to have at least one activity a day focused on Alex’s learning as well as have song time with both boys.  I’d like Alex to sit in on our spiritual lessons, too, but so far we’ve done those after he’s gone to bed.

Day 1 had a water sensory bin.  Mom’s sink is perfect to hold a plastic toy bin, so I put a few fun things inside and let Alex sit in the sink while he played (doubled as bath time aftewards).  Daniel wanted to play, too.

Enjoy the baby bum!

Day 2 we made a “blue bin” and discussed all of the blue things inside.  Daniel helped me make an obstacle course to practice climbing, and Alex had fun knocking down blocks with me while Daniel worked on a sit-down activity.

Day 3 I made a noodle sensory bin.  I thought this would go over much better than it did (Patch Adams, anyone?).  Alex was very hesitant at first and didn’t like the taste of the noodles, but he got a little into the squishing and throwing after a few minutes.  I also made him a muffin tin bin.  He pretty much looked at it, went for the food, and disregarded the rest.  He’s definitely my kid.


This is pretty  much what song time looked like.  This week we did “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” with signing.

I’m going to have to Google and make a list of what to do with him.  He’s at that age of not being able to do much but wanted to do and be involved with everything.  If you have any ideas, please share!