Week 1: Math and Science

Math and Science have been my favorite to plan because they’re so simple, at least at this age.  We’re doing math lessons on days 1 and 3 and a science experiment/lesson on day 2. Right now, I’m working on counting and number recognition with Daniel, particularly with numbers 11 to 20. The science experiments are just what I think he would find fun and be able to understand.

Daniel enjoyed these Spring printables from Fun Handprint Art.  We counted out loud as we did our fingerprints.

I had briefly come across this game from Stay at Home Educator without really looking at it.  Apparently it’s called “Don’t Feed the Raccoon”, but we called it “Feed the Raccoon” and played by our own set of rules.  I made a raccoon from a shoebox and laminated some cards of the numbers 1-20 (found on Google image search).  I called out a number for Daniel to feed the raccoon.  It was a good chance to practice differentiation between, for instance, seven and seventeen and how the “teen” numbers have a one in the front.  His favorite part was when the raccoon “threw up” in the end to play again.

I’m definitely going to hold onto that one for letters and sight words as well.wp-1457302828379.jpg

For our science lesson, we used some of the bigger items from our nature walk to learn about water displacement.  Our first attempt was in a measuring cup with shells, but there wasn’t enough displacement to notice.  He kind of got it with our second cup and some rocks, and we got a double-lesson with buoyancy.  Ultimately, he got an orange stuck in the cup and really got to see how displacement works (all over the counter).