Week 1: Creation Story

This week we started at the beginning: the Creation Story.  I’ve talked to Daniel about God, and we’ve been to church a few times, but to be honest, I never really enjoyed denomination or church.  I was raised Disciples of Christ, and my father taught us to read and study and pray independently, and that’s what I prefer to do.  However, I recognize that my children will need church to help lay the foundation for a personal relationship with God.  So for our “formal” spiritual lessons, we’re going to hit the highlights first and go from there.

Each day we watched a YouTube video of the Creation Story while he did a related activity.  The three lessons this week were God Made Light, God Made Nature, and God Made Animals and Me.  I slacked on making the collage for lesson two, so it was combined with lesson three’s collage.


For Lesson 1, after watching the video, I tried to prompt him to recognize that God made light.  He didn’t really get the difference between light and sun, so we discussed that God made everything and listed some things God made.  We made this collage by gluing “light” into “dark”.

For lesson 2, we took a nature walk with my mother.  I asked Daniel to collect some of his favorite things in nature.  We talked about all the beautiful things God has made for us.  I intended for the nature items to have their own collage, but we got caught up in running errands that night.

For lesson 3, we combined our nature collage with our “animals and me” collage.  We took some pictures from his National Geographic Jr. magazine and Facebook and glued it with some of the smaller items from our walk.