Week 1: Writing

Writing has always been a struggle with Daniel.  At four, he’s only recently willing to sit down and practice.  I’m not too concerned because plenty of kids don’t really learn to write until kindergarten, but you know there are always those moms showing off their two year old’s cursive signature…

Right now, we’re introducing and practicing lower-case letters as well as working on fine motor skills.  Daniel still doesn’t hold a pencil correctly, and I’ve always heard not to force it but to develop the muscles so they naturally want to hold it the right way.

wp-1457060894461.jpgI used these “Size Matters” handwriting practice sheets from One Beautiful Home.  This week we are working on lower case a and x. I picked a to start tackling the letters in his name, and I chose x because it looks the same as the capital x.  We did the same  two letters every day; he was irritated about it on day 2, but day 3 he seemed to accept that that was just something we did.

wp-1457060848013.jpgOn days 1 and 2 we practiced writing “Daniel” with both upper and lower case letters.  To make it interesting, we used some of our other letter mediums to write his name.  He really enjoyed the stamps, which we later used with the “Making Words” sheet of 3 Dinosaurs’ Bob Books printables for Set 1 Book 1. He didn’t really make the words, but he used the stamp over each letter of the key.j

We also used a puzzle that I had printed and laminated awhile ago and so can’t source.  It required matching upper and lower case letters.  I chose about six sets for him to work on, about half of letters that look the same upper and lower case.

wp-1457060878266.jpgDay 2 Daniel also drew a picture of our family to work on his fine motor skills.  While he hates to write, he loves to draw and color, and at least that will work on his muscle development.  I’m the big smiley face to the left.  Alex is the screaming green one.

wp-1457310508750.jpgOn day 3, for some sensory learning, we used In Lieu of Preschool‘s Play Dough Word Mats with our Bob Book words.  I needed him to work independently so I could get something else done, so it’s not the prettiest masterpiece, but you can basically read the words.